VitaVeil by Aniko, lady with a veil over her face On the left side the writing "VitaVeil", right-aligned below "by Aniko".

The smart and stylish face shield

VitaVeil, the stylish protective veil offers you security in more than one way. It prevents smear contamination of the eyes and extends the function of the medical mask to the entire face.

VitaVeil is:

… an effective protection against wipe infections of the eyes.

According to a study by the National Institute of Health in Bethesda (Maryland/USA) from 2013, we touch our face on average 3.6 times per hour. This action is unconscious, we do not notice it.

… enhances the advantages of the modern tropical hat and combines it with the elegance of the Fascinator. It is a stylish statement during and after the corona epidemic.

VitaVeil, the protective veil with multiple safeguard, extends the function of the medical mask to the entire face.

… can be worn in combination with a hat or cap or without either of them.

VitaVeil is a sustainable product made from 100% recycled PET bottles. The fabric is light and comfortable to wear and offers room for normal breathing.

… reusable, as it is washable at 60°.
… PRACTICAL, because it can be sprayed with different essences.

  • sprayed with disinfectant spray – an effective protection against infection during flu season.
  • sprayed with anti-insect agent – a fashionable insect repellent in summer.
  • sprayed with essential oils – guarantees you a fragrant ambience wherever you are, e.g. on public transport.

… the perfect virus protection when the veil is worn together with a mask.

The VitaVeil protective veil is NOT a medical product. The protection factor is comparable to that of a hygienic mask.


VitaVeil is manufactured from organza or mousseline, made entirely out of 100% recycled PET bottles. Thus the veil is a resource-saving recycling product.

VitaVeil can be washed at 60°. It is reusable and thus avoids unnecessary waste.

After washing, the veil can be sprayed with disinfectant as additional protection.

The veil should be washed after a wearing it for about three to four hours or when soaked through. Cleaned veils must dry thoroughly after washing.

VitaVeil is handmade in Vienna/Austria. The fabric is purchased in Germany and France. Therefore the veil is a purely European product with the shortest possible transport routes.