VitaVeil by Aniko, lady with a veil over her face On the left side the writing "VitaVeil", right-aligned below "by Aniko".

The smart and stylish mouth and nose protection

VitaMask convinces with an intelligent cut, whose shape follows the facial lines. Your glasses remain clear and you have ample room to breathe.

Your glasses remain clear!

Thanks to the tight fit at the root of the nose and the functional chin area, air escapes downwards and prevents your glasses from fogging and heat build-up.

Material from the treasury of the design-studio

From her exclusive and high-quality fabrics, some of which are designed by Aniko herself, the designer creates her face masks with chic. These underline the personality of the wearer and make a fashion statement.

Reusable, because washable at 60°

VitaMask is made of 100% cotton and/or 100% silk. The fabric is light and comfortable to wear and offers ample space for breathing.
Tip: by cleaning in the microwave (1 minute at 350W) you save ironing. Please note the respective product descriptions!

Handmade in Vienna

Each mask is individually and handmade in Vienna, precisely, seam for seam and with great attention to detail. The fabrics are sourced exclusively from Austria, Italy, Germany and France.